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Life in the 1920's was a time of culture, grandiose and celebration. It was filled with amazing icons and a huge stylistic impact and fabulous couture. It is no wonder the era left its mark on history as one of the most desired time periods to live in. We decided to take these aesthetic qualities and ideas and synthesized them into the walls of Bombshell Hair Studio in the humble heart of Milton, Ontario.


At Bombshell We Like to Say

"Beauty is Timeless"

It really is true! We think that going to the salon should be an escape into a luxurious bliss, a place where you can let all your troubles float away. So be indulgent, treat yourself and take a leap back in time to experience what true glamor feels like!

Where All The Glam Started



our place

All That Glitter IS Gold

When you walk through our doors we are committed to giving you a lavish and welcoming experience. We want to bring the most luxurious experience a salon can offer, so the space we created heightens the atmosphere of the 1920s along with a modern twist. You can find intricate details of an Art Deco influence in every corner of the salon. The slideshow on the right provides you with a virtual tour of both the salon and spa.


Also all apart of the glamorous experience; complimentary beverages, WiFi and magazines (for use upon duration of stay) are available to your disposal. After all it is all in the name: we want you to feel like a Bombshell.





500 Terry Francois Street, San Francisco, CA 94158


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